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Trekking Knife Set

Iisakki Trekking Knife Set (5618)

  • $199.95

The Trekking Set is the smaller one of the two Lapland style double knives. The same double sheath shelters the Iso Uppo and the Koululaisuppo knives. The Trekking Set is a versatile tool when moving in the wild outdoors.

The Iso Uppo is especially popular multi-purpose knife among hikers. Its shape is very simple yet practical. The blade is 13 cm long carbon steel. The handle is varnished curly birch. The sheath is either light or dark coloured leather with Sami style stampings.

The Koululaisuppo is based on the Jätkänvuolu model and designed for youngsters. The shape is similar but the size is smaller. The blade is made of carbon steel and the handle is varnished curly birch. The sheath is decorated with Sami style stampings.

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