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Felix Lingonberry Jam, 410g - Case of 8

Felix Lingonberry Jam, 410g - Case of 8

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The ingredients are everything. Fine berries, pure sugar, and fresh water are what make Felix jams worthy of its name. Their jam contains no preservatives. They use only two additives, both of which appear naturally in various fruits and berries.

Lingonberry jam is traditionally served with moose and other game meats, meatballs, herring, pancakes, yogurt and breakfast porridge like oatmeal. The lingonberry plant is a small bush, 4 – 15 inches high, that grows in the vast pine forests which thrive almost everywhere in Sweden. The lingonberry is one of the so-called “superberries” and is naturally rich in antioxidants.

Click here for Felix's lingonberry recipe suggestions.

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