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Iisakki Jarvenpaa Aito Knife (1244)

Iisakki Jarvenpaa Aito Knife (1244)

  • $199.95

The Aito Knife is a true masterpiece of all utility knives. Its handle, made of birch bark and coated with linseed oil, offers a really comfortable, firm grip and a chamois-like feel. The blade is unpolished, 8 cm long carbon steel, also known as Tyllerö.

Carbon steel has top quality properties: it stays sharp and can be sharpened almost infinitely. The handle of the Aito Knife is unique: there are cast bronze ferrules both on pommel and on bolster. The handle itself is built up from about 90 birch bark layers that are detached one by one from a birch bark sheet and placed into the knife's tang by hand alternately changing the direction. This prevents the handle from bending the way the birch bark sheet originally was. On the upper and lower ends of the handle, there are six 0.5 mm thick brass layers adding some extravagance and metallic lustre. Eventually the whole splendour is sanded by hand with a belt sender to give the handle its final shape. The dark brown sheath is decorated by hand as well, and it's topped off with a brass stave, to which is attached the belt loop—"kantuumet". This knife tells its story by itself with these pictures, but when you get the chance to hold it, you'll know there's something more in it.

Product of Finland.

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