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Fazer Finntoast Organic Bread, 260g - Clearance

  • $2.99
  • Save $1.50

Purchase either individual packages or full cases (14 individual packages) of Finntoast®.

The expiry date on this product is July 28 2023 (Oat), June 13 2023 (Rye), and July 26 2023 (Rye).

This product is past its expiration date and is being sold at a discount. For more information about our Clearance products, please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us.

Fazer´s Organic Finntoast® is hearty and healthy bread from Scandinavia. Finntoast® comes pre-sliced with 4 full pieces per package and is packed in a modified atmosphere which means the oxygen is removed to extend freshness. As the name suggests, toast it for the best taste.

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