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Fish Knife with Wooden Sheath

Iisakki Jarvenpaa Fish Knife with Wooden Sheath (1250)

  • $109.95

The famous Fish Knife with Wooden Sheath is back in production. This fish knife was designed by Mikko Ilmonen, former CEO and a descendant of Iisakki Järvenpää, and won the 1973 State Prize for Design. A prize that only the greatest Finnish designers have received. Simple yet versatile design of the Fish Knife is incomparable. The wooden sheath protects the knife, but also serves as tool to stun a fish, holds a fishtail when gutting a fish, and if fallen into water, floats even with the knife in it. Leather loop holds the knife in a sheath when carrying it. The knife is designed for gutting a fish. Its blade is made of stainless steel, and there's a fish scaler on the back of the knife. This knife is a good gift for anyone enjoying fishing, and it's possible to stamp impressive company logos on the wooden sheath.

Product of Finland.

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