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Partio Scout Knife

Iisakki Jarvenpaa Kolkkapartio Scout Knife (3445)

  • $99.95

The Kolkkapartio is the smallest of the scout knife series. The blade is 10 cm long, made of polished carbon steel, and its shape is characteristic for all the scout knives. The handle is built up from stacked leather layers, and its surface is then sanded and varnished. The ferrules on both ends of the handle are polished aluminum. The bolster serves also as a finger guard preventing the index finger from slipping to the blade. The sheath is light brown round sewn leather, and at the tip and at the mouth there are reinforcements made of polished stainless steel. The design on the sheath is done by pressing. The Scout Knife was designed in 1928, its production began in 1929 continuing uninterrupted ever since.  Product of Finland.

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